As a professional expert for the unarmed and armed escort of secure transportation services to individuals, businesses and government entities, Terra Security assists its clients on the road, train, at sea and in the air.


By operating independently, our employees keep the truck drivers operating to the standards your company specify. (i.e. no unscheduled stops or departures)



A visible security escort is the best tactic in a layered security approach to minimize cargo theft. Should the driver leave the load unattended or deviate from the route, our employee will always stay with the load. In the event the load has been compromised or there is any deviation, our employee will instantly contact local law enforcement dispatch to have officers respond to the scene. With 20 plus years of law enforcement experience they will command immediate cooperation with local law enforcement dispatchers. Our employees know exactly what information to relay and how to communicate directly with the dispatcher. Optional GPS monitoring of our employees independently of the load.
Tracking devices are optional and can be remotely monitored by both you as a client or any designated member of your staff.

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Tel: 0060380718444


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